Manny Pamintuan

At the moment I am focused on the following,

Interpreters and Compilers

At the moment I am working through Writing an Interpreter in Go

Afterward jumping into Writing a Compiler in Go.

There is a want to revisit these topics that were broached in my Functional Programming Languages course back in university.

Concurrently I am reading "The Dragon Book" - Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools

Learning Rust

I am reading through "The Rust Book" - The Rust Programming Language

Afterward jumping into Rust for Rustaceans: Idiomatic Programming for Experienced Developers

Three Overarching Goals

  1. Work with Interpreters and Compilers
  2. Learn Go
  3. Learn Rust

The first goal is to revisit and get a firm understanding of interpreters and compilers. I have a large project that I want to focus on and that requires me to have a comfort with writing interpreters and compilers. When given a a programming language grammar, I want to have the ease in being able to read and interpret what is written and begin implementing.

The second and third goals arerelated to the first. I want to focus on languages that are focused on the backend. My interest lie in platform and tooling development and those often overlap with backend development. Additionally, I do not have interest in fullstack or clientside development. Maybe in the future I will start to pick up the moment on React or the latest frontend framework, but for now I am good with focus on the backend.

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