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A shift

I can feel myself shifting in headspace towards learning and growing again without some external pressure being the driver. I imagine the shift comes from having submitted my resignation and starting a new role in two weeks. I find myself not bounded to concerns related to that business and the unrealized pressure/stress that came with wanting to solve the problems by spending my time trying to arrive at solutions or find resources to learn and support.

Bluntly, I care less about those concerns and in three days, I will not be concerned at all.

And good for me for not caring anymore, because I can go back to feeling "free". I realized that I'd been holding onto concerns/stress even after the "work day" ended, because I cared a shit ton and that was taking its toll on me.

I feel my curiosity returning and eagerness to learn all the things again!

Here's what I've settled on so far....

Where I Want to Focus (for now...)

There is this want to return to first principles and revisit concepts with the goal to grow into and feel comfortable with them.

From those first principles I imagine that I will be able to derive the principles on which the first principles are built upon.

At some point I will revisit Assembly and jmp and push and all that good jazz, but that's for another time.

I feel like I am swimming in a wide open pool with the swim lanes removed and I can just explore.

It is liberating.

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